Profiles of our experienced global leadership team.


AdvanSix has a rich 88-year legacy of success as a global industry leader and technology pioneer.

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Integrated Production

State-of-the-art AdvanSix plants ensure a reliable product supply.

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  • Frankford Plant
  • Hopewell Plant
  • Chesterfield Plant
  • Pottsville Plant
  • Colonial Heights R&D Technology Facility
  • Shanghai R&D Technology Facility

Global Citizenship

AdvanSix is a Responsible Care® partner committed to safety, environmental stewardship, and integrity in everything we do.



Aegis® Nylon 6 resins for durable, resilient and fast-dyeable carpet fiber.


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  • Aegis® Nylon 6 Resins

Engineering Plastics

Excellent molding and extrusion characteristics for a variety of plastics applications.


Resins_Eng Plastics_Engine
  • Aegis® Resins

Food Packaging

Versatile choice of proven nylon resins and films for flexible and rigid packaging.


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  • Aegis® Resins
  • Aegis® Barrier Resins
  • Capran® Films

Building and Construction

Quality resins and films that stand up to even the toughest environment.


  • Aegis® Nylon 6 Resins
  • Capran® Films


Heat-stabilized nylon films for vacuum-sealing of critical composites and parts.


  • Capran® Heat Stabilized Nylon Films

Plant Nutrients

Research-tested and field-proven crop nutrients for bulk blending or direct application.


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  • Granular Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate
  • Mid-grade Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate
  • Soluble size Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate

Paints & Coatings

Products used as solvents, additives and modifiers to enhance performance and lower toxicity.


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  • Acetone
  • EZ-Blox™ Anti-Skinning Agent
  • MEKO
  • Nadone® Cyclohexanone
  • Naxol® Cyclohexanol
  • Alpha Methyl Styrene

Plastic and Resin Intermediates

Building blocks that enable a range of consumer, housing and automotive products.


  • Phenol
  • Acetone
  • AMS
  • Nadone® Cyclohexanone
  • Naxol® Cyclohexanol

Company Overview

AdvanSix At A Glance

  • A leading manufacturer of Nylon 6, a polymer resin used to produce engineered plastics, fibers, filaments and films.
  • Backward-integrated into the important building blocks of caprolactam (Nylon 6 feedstock), ammonium sulfate, phenol, acetone and other chemical intermediates.
  • Expertise in wide variety of applications, including:
    • Automotive, food and industrial packaging, carpeting, wire and cable, filaments, building and construction, and sports apparel.
    • Fertilizers for crop nutrition.
    • Additives for paints and coatings.
  • Among the most efficient manufacturers in the industry due to integrated manufacturing process, scale, quantity and range of co-products.
  • Unwavering focus on improving production yields and cost position.
  • Global logistics infrastructure ensures reliable intraplant supply chain and timely delivery to customers while maximizing distribution resources and operating efficiency.
  • A Responsible Care® company with a sharp focus on safety, and on creating sustainable solutions.
  • ~1,300 employees across four manufacturing plants in the U.S. and two Research & Development facilities in the U.S. and Shanghai.
  • Serving ~500 customers globally located in over 40 countries.

Competitive Strengths

  • One of the world’s largest single-site producers of caprolactam.
  • A leading, low-cost position driven by favorable geographic location, integrated manufacturing footprint and high utilization rates.
  • Global reach of sales and marketing capabilities.
  • Technical know-how, customer intimacy and application development capabilities.
  • Diverse revenue sources from sale of fertilizer, acetone and other co-products.

Market Presence (2016A Revenue)

Products: Chemical Intermediates, Nylon, Ammonium Sulfate

Geographies: United States, Lat.Am./Canada, Asia